Images move viewers. This is why videos have become an indispensable part of corporate communication – even in technical documentation. Videos often present complex processes more easily than text alone.

In practice, however, multimedia content typically leads a life apart from existing corporate content. This results in costly updates and localizations. Videos and video fragments can also be managed directly in SCHEMA ST4. In addition, you can manage text inserts, images and further links in the video directly from ST4 – all advantages included.

Benefit from these features

  • Modular management of videos and video fragments in SCHEMA ST4
  • Use of links, text inserts, call-out graphics, pictograms in videos (positioning of objects in time and place)
  • Reuse of content in ST4
  • Customizable OMD layout
  • Consideration of existing styles/CI
  • Creation of different projects
  • Menu structure for navigation within the videos (jumping to fragments, returning to menu)
  • Primarily mobile use, but also desktop
  • Language switch possible
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