Technical writers are often familiar with the corporate terminology. But what about other departments? Do the marketing and service departments know all the permitted and forbidden terms, especially when other languages are involved? Typically, the answer is “no”, which raises the following question: How can you make your terminology available to other colleagues outside of SCHEMA ST4, ideally without having to purchase another system?

The answer is quite simple: With our TermBrowser. The extension is an interactive website listing all terms maintained in ST4, including alternative and forbidden terms, as well as translations. A powerful full-text search makes it easy for users to find the right term without having to delve into the complexity of SCHEMA ST4.

Benefit from these features

  • Terminology management based on lexicon entries in SCHEMA ST4
  • Output as list, including forbidden and alternative terms
  • Application running as interactive website on a prepared directory/web server
  • Full text search
  • Selection of specific ST4 dictionaries possible
  • Design according to CI specifications
  • Foreign language variants of terminology for all languages that are maintained in the ST4 dictionary
  • Feedback link for new terminology suggestions
  • Version control by outputting the date of publication

What does the TermBrowser look like in practice?

Benjamin Rauschenberger, doctima GmbH

Make your terminology available to your team

Benjamin Rauschenberger

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