Nobody is perfect, so of course errors happen when documenting in SCHEMA ST4. For quality control, ST4 offers the possibility to check your content using so-called Schematron rules. However, the pre-installed rules in ST4 do not offer the scope that is useful and necessary for technical writers.

With doctima’s ContentRuleset, you will receive more than 600 pre-configured Schematron rules for checking the content, form and structure of your documents. These rules cover the typical errors in technical writing and are based, among other things, on the tekom guideline “Rule-based writing”.

It is of course possible to extend the rule set by including internal rules from writing guidelines or your CI specifications.

Benefit from these features

  • Quality assurance (review and error correction) directly in the CMS
  • More than 600 pre-configured Schematron rules for typical errors
  • Checking of content, form (style, wording, sentence rules) and structure (project, document, topic structure)
  • Rules based on the tekom guideline, among others
  • Checking of text nodes, image resources, title pages, lists of figures or tables, tables of content, cross-references and content reuses
  • Interactive and filtered output of check results
  • Adaptation and additions to individual needs

How does ContentRuleset work in practice?

Benjamin Rauschenberger, doctima GmbH

Quality assurance made easy – it’s also possible with SCHEMA ST4!

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