Mobile documentation is at the top of the wish list of many technical writers, but many shy away from the effort of app programming and app deployment via various stores.

With Progressive Web Apps (PWA) you bypass these disadvantages completely, allowing you to fully focus on the advantages of mobile documentation. PWAs can be easily generated from SCHEMA ST4, only using standard technologies. Operation is as simple as we know it from other apps. And with numerous features, such as offline capability, access to interfaces, and auto-updates, you’ll be sure to impress your users. So, why wait when it’s so easy to get started with mobile documentation?

Benefit from these features

  • A quick and inexpensive solution for easy access to mobile documentation
  • Runs locally on the computer and on mobile devices, regardless of the operating system
  • Relies on standard web technologies
  • Easy installation
  • Deployment via own web server, i.e. no app stores necessary
  • Access to device interfaces (e.g. camera)
  • Possibility of push messages, e.g. for important notices or updates
  • Based on a conventional OMD production
  • High customer value (interactivity, offline capability, loyalty to your company)
  • Introduction to content delivery and alternative forms of documentation

How do Progressive Web Apps from ST4 work in practice?

Benjamin Rauschenberger, doctima GmbH

Let’s talk about your start with mobile documentation!

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